The strange thing about grieving is that it can hit you when you least expect it. Or rather, it hits you even when you don’t realize that you’re under it. I have never been under so much stress. Not when my parents divorced. Not during my traumatic culture shock during my abroad trip (although that… Read More Grieving


A bit of a follow-up from the other post about vulnerability. I talked to 2 more professors today about my Autism, as well as with my cohorts. It went ridiculously well.  The first professor I met with because I had some valid questions about university program details. But once that topic was over it transitioned… Read More Transparency


I’ve been dealing with chronic fatigue since puberty. I remember my uncle asking me why I was always tired. And I’ve been eating a nutritionally efficient diet (keto carnivore) for over 2 years. I have better energy in certain tasks, but my general energy has always been a state of “too tired to deal with… Read More Fatigue


Do you ever have the inspiration to do something and you know in your gut that it has to be done? I’m not talking about a fake or superficial enthusiasm that can generate actions. I’m talking about something that seems to be beyond yourself and you can’t fight it and it has to be done.… Read More Live